Ollov Original - the rubber horseshoe

A Combination of Stability and Comfort. ÖLLÖV Original is a compounded horseshoe, made of a steel core covered with rubber. The steel provides stability to the hoof and makes the shoe easy to shape and nail. The rubber absorbs shock and vibration. This combination makes ÖLLÖV an outstanding horseshoe. ÖLLÖV provides a similar grip as the unshod hoof, and therefore promotes the natural gait of your horse. ÖLLÖV helps your horse move relaxed and safe. With comfortable shoes your horse will get motivated to work. Ollov is a well established product, easy to work with and last a normal shoe period.


Material Steel and rubber
Clips Placed on the outside
Nailholes 10 nail holes punched to fit E-head nails
Sizing system Continental

Dimensions & Sizes

Size Dimension Clips
00 23x12 Toe
0 25x14 Toe
1 26x14 Toe
2 27x14 Toe
3 28x16 Toe
4 28x16 Toe
5 28x16 Toe
0 25x14 Side
1 26x14 Side
2 27x14 Side
3 28x16 Side
4 28x16 Side
5 28x16 Side

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